Apprentice Senior Master Hill

Apprentice Senior Master Hill has over 30 years of experience teaching martial arts. He was a part of the American Taekwondo Association for over 35 years, but recently joined Global Traditional Martial Arts (GTMA) in July of 2022.  GTMA is currently the fastest growing and most innovative martial arts organization in the world. He started martial arts in April of 1988, and became a instructor in 1991 in the small South Georgia town of Homerville. Along with teaching for many years, he has owned several martial art schools throughout the years and managed one of the top martial art schools in the nation. ASM Hill gained his Mastership in 2018, along with his wife graduating Nursing School!  Not only has ASM Hill had great success as an Instructor/Manager of several schools, he has had great success as a student and competitor.  He competed for many years, and finished top 10 in the world numerous times during his career in ATA, he finished Second in the world in 2001, at World Championships, winning multiple State Championships and District Championships throughout the years. ASM Hill has a passionate heart for teaching his students, and is very grateful for having the opportunity to teach and develop his students in the highest standards, culture and passions of Taekwondo. ASM Hill bought the Free Home Martial Arts School from his student Mr. Kevin Evans back in May of 2021. ASM Hill has focused on his junior Mr. Kieran Millea 4th Degree Black Belt since taking over the Free Home school to be the chief Instructor. He has done a great job to all the students of Free Home Martial Arts and After School students. ASM Hill currently passed his 7th Degree testing at GTMA World Championships in July 2023. He is currently training to be elevated to Senior Master Title in July 2024 with the Grandmasters of GTMA.

ASM Hill has celebrated his 26th  wedding anniversary with his wife Caressa and has 2 Beautiful children.  Todd, who is finishing his senior year at Emmanuel College, where he is  pursuing a physical therapy degree, and Hannah, who is a junior at Buford High School. Hannah is a currently playing volleyball in high school and club.  His Wife, Caressa, was a Emergency Nurse,  but now a Labor Delivery Nurse.  She has worked relentlessly with her passion during the pandemic.  They have been very blessed and are truly excitied to be serving the families and students of Free Home Martial Arts and surrounding area.

Mr. Kieran Millea

Mr. Kieran Millea is one of the instructors here at Free Home Martial Arts. He was an assistant instructor from January 2017- April 2021, then in May of 2021, while under senior instructor and owner Master Chad Hill, He became the chief instructor. During that time, He has earned the rank of 4th Degree Black Belt. Mr. Millea has been doing Taekwondo since he was nine years old. The reason he started Taekwondo is because some of his friends were doing it at the time and said how awesome it was and he hasn’t looked back since. Kieran has been training at the same Martial Arts school since day one. Taekwondo has helped him in many ways to mold him into who he is today, having Discipline, Respect, Self-Control, and much more. Our goal is to make the future leaders of tomorrow one person at a time, we push for all our students to be the best they can be and so much more.

Outside of Taekwondo Kieran earned his Eagle Scout on 02/28/19 with Troop 469 of Canton GA. His project was a trail at a church the name of his trail was “Trinity Trail”. He graduated from Creekview High School.